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“Ms. Cruz took over my case at the worst point, when everything was on the negative and denied 3 previous instances. From day one, I felt something different with Ms. Cruz that made me feel at ease, and full of optimism and confidence about the outcome. She didn’t disappoint me. She listened to my concerns from day one, responding to my phone calls, texts, and emails expeditiously. She provided the latest information pertaining to the case, keeping me informed at all times. Her plan of action was timely, on target, and realistic. I’m so grateful she was on my side. Her passion, dedication, and professionalism are unparalleled. I’ve hired two other lawyers previous to Ms. Cruz, and none of them came close to her way of conducting business; she’s all about conducting it the right way. Neither to say, the outcome was favorable, thanks to Ms. Cruz’s amazing work! She is worthy!”– Miguel

“After having an unsuccessful attempt at getting my case started at Morgan and Morgan, Nanette went above and beyond to make sure she did everything possible to help. I am truly satisfied with the way she quickly and professionally took care of my case and got me the best results possible. I truly recommend hiring her as your attorney.”– Joshua

“Nanette Cruz was my lawyer for social security disability. She is an extremely professional, hard working, efficient and most of all is a very attentive Lawyer and kind person. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a very positive outcome as I did.”– A Satisfied Client

“Buenas tardes mi nombre es Ana Francis estoy tan agradecida con la abogada Cruz. Ella es Latina y tiene el diálogo para hablar con un latino. Fue un honor trabajar con ustedes. Le deseo muchas felicidades en el día del amor.”– Ana Frances

“After my adult son was in a near-fatal fiery crash, Mike Reese was outstanding in representing him for Social Security benefits, quickly moving his case to a successful SSI hearing. I was unaware the action of the Social Security Administration from the hearing to actually awarding benefits could take many months. However, when evaluating the attorney who put the process in motion for the client, I could have not been more pleased than I was with the Michael Reese Law Firm. Unfortunately, after his approval, my son had a misstep which could have caused him to lose all benefits, but Mike immediately filed an appeal. He successfully explained my son’s misunderstanding and had his benefits reinstated. I could not be more grateful for Mike’s original success and then for his expert work that saved my son’s benefits. He improved his life tremendously and we will never be able to thank him enough. Mike is an exceptional lawyer who cares greatly about the welfare of his clients and I recommend him completely and without reservation.”– Sue

“I was attempting to handle my own disability case for some time. After about a year with no success, I finally decided to hire a lawyer, and I am so grateful to have found Attorney Nanette Cruz. Mrs. Cruz was extremely professional from the very beginning. Her dedicated team always maintained contact with me throughout the life of my case, she was able to obtain all the relevant evidence early on, and she took the time to sit with me before my hearing. I was nervous at first, but I felt well prepared when I went before the Judge. I am happy to report that I have been fully approved for my disability, which makes a huge difference in my life. The quality I received from this office, cannot be found in the larger firms. If you’re looking for quality, and not just size, I highly recommend Reese Legal. Thank you Nanette!”– Dania P.

“Mike Reese and his team were great through the whole process. He helped with my case in an orderly fashion and was very quick to get the process done. Mike Reese is a professional who wants what is best for his client. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney in the matter.”– Brian M.

“The intake process was absolutely seamless. Couldn’t have had a better experience! The people are professional and genuine. Thumbs up!”– Lisa W.

“I was skeptical at first, I went to my SSDI hearing having only spoken with Michael for about 45 minutes total. At the hearing the judge wanted us to come in early so we didn’t even get our 15 minutes before going to the judge. An hour later I walked out feeling like Michael had walked right beside me for the past 2 1/2 years. He definitely did his homework by reading my medical records and information about me. I would recommend Michael Reese to anyone needing help with SSDI. Thank you Michael we got it!”– Kristina P.

“He handle my case so fast I totally forgot about it. I’m going to use him again for my son. He’s awesome and will get the job done.”– Ebone

“Very professional. Was able to really help my family!”– Natale R.

“Nanette has been a constant advisor in our SSDI journey. Helping to navigate all the confusion. Alleviating a lot of unnecessary stress. Always available. Always rising to any challenge. I highly recommend Nanette to anyone in need of someone to champion their cause with the Social Security Administration.”– Thom R.

“This is my 2nd time hiring Nanette Cruz. For my husband then for myself. She’s a brilliant attorney. I am grateful for her passion dedication, and professionalism. I have worked with other attorneys before, for other reasons, but she is truly the best I’ve worked with. Thank you so much.”– Barbara

“I was initially denied benefits. Ms Cruz appealed my case and represented me in court. Following my court appearance I was granted full benefits. Miss Cruz was well prepared, all of my documentation was in order, and her knowledge of my case was excellent. In addition her office staff was knowledgeable and helpful as well. I highly recommend her and her firm.”– Paul

“We would like to recommend Nanette Cruz, for providing exceptional representation to my uncle, who suffered a heart attack and severe stroke. After such a shocking event, he became permanently disabled, non-verbal, and has less than 20% of his heart that will ever function. Ms. Cruz has been a great listener and advocate for the disabled. Her experience, organizational skills, and ability to stay focused in the middle of much chaos have been reassuring. Because of her attention to detail and dedication, she was able to work through the social security minutia and he received his benefits. She has made an impactful difference in our lives. Ms. Cruz has become a trusted resource to our family whenever we receive correspondence from SSI. Her unwavering enthusiasm and commitment are evident from the results she was able to achieve with my uncle. We would like to commend Ms. Cruz, as they have our highest recommendation. Ms. Cruz is an exemplary leader that understands that each person/case is unique and benefits from experienced attorney who care and obtain results.”– Mardly

“Mrs. Cruz handled by Social Security disability claim. Mrs. Cruz and her assistant were very professional and caring. I was very pleased with the outcome of my claim. I would recommend Mrs. Cruz to everyone I know who may be fighting for their disability benefits.”– A Satisfied Client

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