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Motorcycle accidents can be incredibly physically devastating. Even with a helmet and all necessary protective gear, a motorcycle rider is far less protected and far more vulnerable to injury to someone inside a car or any other type of vehicle. As a result, their injuries tend to be far more severe and include a more comprehensive range of potential forms of damage.

Some of the most common motorcycle injuries include:

  • Head Injury And Traumatic Brain Injury: Though wearing a helmet does drastically reduce your chances of getting a head injury or a traumatic brain injury (TBI), it does not prevent them entirely. When a person’s head is injured in a motorcycle accident, it sustains trauma, often hitting an object or surface with a great deal of force; if that trauma is sustained by the brain, by blunt impact, bleeding, puncture, or shaking, it often results in a traumatic brain injury. Traumatic Brain Injuries can have a wide range of potential effects, and recovery depends on several factors that are often unknown in the direct aftermath of the injury. The effects can range anywhere from physical issues involving motor movement and sensory impairments to cognitive impairment and severe personality changes, affecting loss of executive function. They may also result in coma and death.

  • Deep Skin Abrasions (“Road Rash”): This injury is well-known to anyone who has been in a motorcycle accident. It is a type of deep skin abrasion or “burn” that comes from dragging skin at high velocity across a road. It often occurs as a result of a motorcycle driver or rider being thrown off the motorcycle and sliding or skidding across the road, unable to stop themselves. This abrasion can be incredibly painful and can occur on any area of exposed skin, even despite protective gear. In addition to the primary agony it can cause, road rash can also cause secondary medical complications, such as infection, and may require serious treatment regimens, such as skin grafts.

  • Bone Fractures And Breaks: Motorcycle accidents frequently cause breaks and fractures of large and small bones, especially in the arms, legs, ribs, and pelvis. This often happens when a motorcycle rider or driver is thrown off the motorcycle at a certain angle or when their body is twisted or jammed in such a way that a bone is forced to break or fracture due to the pressure. While gear and protective clothing can lessen the chances of bone breaks and also lessen the impact of potential breaks, these breaks and fractures can occur regardless.

  • Spinal Injuries And Paralysis: Spinal injuries are often among some of the most severe injuries obtained during a motorcycle accident. They usually occur when a motorcycle rider or driver is thrown from the motorcycle and lands on their neck or back or pinned between two objects or one object and a hard surface. Depending on the damage done to the spine, a spinal cord injury may result in many different forms of potential paralysis, including quadriplegia, which is paralysis of the arms and the legs; paraplegia, which is being paralyzed from the waist down; monoplegia, which is paralysis of one limb; and hemiplegia, which is paralysis of one side of the body. This paralysis may be temporary or permanent, depending on the injury.

  • Coma And Death: In some cases, motorcycle accidents that are particularly severe or happy to impact particularly vulnerable places on the human body can cause coma, persistent vegetative state (i.e., “brain death”), and even death.

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Motorcycle injuries are not to be taken lightly. They can change a person’s entire life, as well as the lives of their families. If you or a loved one are dealing with the aftermath of a motorcycle injury, it is in your best interest to reach out to an experienced, knowledgeable personal injury attorney well-versed in motorcycle accidents. In Orlando, Florida, the personal injury attorney to call is Attorney Michael Reese. Reach out today for a free consultation on your Orlando motorcycle personal injury case.

What Types Of Injuries Do Motorcycle Riders Generally Sustain From Accidents?

In a motorcycle accident, the injuries can be very severe. They may include traumatic brain injury (TBI), fractures, leg, knee, ankle and foot injuries, and severe, deep skin abrasions (road rash). Many cases will have internal injuries or spinal cord injuries, which may include some kind of paralysis. Different kinds of paralysis can be involved in these accidents. For example, there is quadriplegia, which is paralysis of the arms and the legs. There is also paraplegia, which is being paralyzed from the waist down. Monoplegia is paralysis of one limb and hemiplegia is paralysis of one side of the body.