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What Is Premises Liability Law Under Florida Personal Injury Law?

Under Florida personal injury law, premises liability allows an injured person to hold the property owner responsible for the injuries that occurred on their property when the owner knew or should have known that the dangerous condition existed. 

For example, someone goes into a grocery store, and there is a spill in the aisle. The grocery store owner or manager knows or should have known the spill was there and neglected to clean it up. If the owner or manager does not warn shoppers about the spill, that store is responsible if someone trips or slips and falls on the wet floor. 

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If Someone’s Injured On A Public Sidewalk Or Other Property Owned By A City, Is The Process To File

In a case where you are injured on a public sidewalk or property owned by a city, you have to put the city on notice. In Florida, when suing the state,

municipality, city, or county, you have three years from the time of the accident to place the appropriate agency on notice. You also cannot file your lawsuit right away; you must wait 180 days from your notice to file a lawsuit.