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Accidents on the job can threaten your livelihood and your overall well-being. That’s why Florida law requires most employers to provide workers’

compensation to employees injured on the job to cover their medical bills and lost wages. If you’ve been injured in a workplace accident and are unable to work, consulting with a skilled workers’ compensation attorney will increase your chances of obtaining the benefits you need to heal and rebuild your life.

The legal team at Reese Legal can also help you file for Social Security Disability benefits or a third-party negligence claim on top of your workers’ compensation claim if your situation warrants such action. We are dedicated to helping you recuperate lost wages and appeal unfairly denied claims.

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What Exactly Is Workers Compensation Law In Florida And What Are An Employee's Rights?

Florida Workers’ Compensation Law is governed by Chapter 440 of the Florida Statutes. Under Chapter 440, when workers are injured on the job in the course and scope of their employment, they are entitled to two distinct categories of benefits. When the injured worker misses time and they are out of work for more than a week, they are eligible for indemnity benefits. Indemnity benefits are monetary benefits that are intended to replace the injured worker’s wages they missed during the recuperation or rehabilitation from their injury. Indemnity benefits are specifically broken down into four different types.

Temporary total disability (TTD) benefits are payable when the injured worker is unable to work at all and is calculated by first determining the injured worker’s average weekly wage using the average pay for the 13 weeks immediately preceding the date of their accident (AWW). The injured worker is then paid 66 2/3% of that amount for the duration of their recovery or 104 weeks, whichever comes first.