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Florida trucking companies are mandated by law to have certain minimum levels of liability insurance coverage. As an example, for general freight, the minimum required coverage is $750,000. However, if the trucking company is transporting oil, the minimum coverage would be $1,000,000. Transporting hazardous material has a minimum coverage of $5,000,000. If the truck carries household goods, it only needs to have $300,000 in coverage and only if the cargo weighs more than 44,000 pounds. The less the cargo weighs the less coverage is needed.

Whether a driver has more insurance than is necessary depends on the driver and their financial circumstances. One driver might have just the bare minimum insurance to get by while another driver is over-insured because they want to make sure they are protected since they have assets to protect. Just like individual drivers and regular cars, the amount of insurance coverage depends on the financial situation.

If someone is involved in a trucking company accident, they can hire an attorney who is able to investigate every available coverage. There may be multiple sources of insurance through the other driver, an owner, an employer, a cargo company, and a manufacturer. When different sources of insurance coverage are involved, the attorneys can get the recovery you deserve for the injuries and damages you’ve suffered.

If The Trucking Company Is Based Outside Of The State, Does That Complicate A Personal Injury Process At All Or Add Any Additional Layers?

When a trucking company is based outside of the state, that does complicate a personal injury process and makes a recovery even more challenging. Florida does have a long-arm statute that allows an injured driver to bring an out-of-state operator back to Florida for court proceedings. As an example, if a trucking company is doing business in the state of Florida, it does not matter that they are based out of Texas. The accident happened in Florida, so Florida law controls. Even if the person goes back to Texas, we can serve them there, if necessary. The same thing is true for an independent driver. If a driver comes from New York and enters the state of Florida and has an accident, the Florida statutes that are specific for an automobile accident prevail. As you can see, the challenges and complexities of accidents involving commercial vehicles make bringing in an experienced, skilled attorneys absolutely critical to achieving a full, just recovery for your claim.

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